Elsa, our very first employee!October 3, 2016

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Elsa was born in Italy and moved to Denver with her family when she was 10 years old.  And boy are we glad she did!  She had to learn English when she arrived, and made it through school.  She first started working at Mountain States Metal packing items.  She then worked at the airport putting together airport meals, she worked as an indoor painter and then she worked house keeper – until she found out about Steamers and has worked here for the past 10 years.  If you have stopped in to Steamers and had a cup of coffee any time in the past 10 years, it is highly likely Elsa made your coffee!!!!!  Everyone here wishes they could bottle Elsa’s joy.
Tell me a little about your work at Steamers:
“Me? Ah, (lots of laughter).  I like it so much. Better than the other one. Really nice people.  And Athan and Jack are nice people.  I like making coffee and doing everything.  And I like to talk with – doing things with people doing the things that need to get done. That’s it (more laughter).”
What is your favorite part of your day?
“Making the coffee.  Makes me happy. So happy.  I like to clear the table and I like to ask the customers if they need anything – a drink or something.  I like to call them sweetie. Some are really nice and say thank you which makes me happy.  I like to help Shirley – co worker – with things she does and she needs to do.  I am friends with people here.  I like to talk Italian with customers that come in.  I love working with Kellen!”

Elsa making coffee
How do you make the coffee?
“Lets see (More laughter).  Put it into the filter. I measure how much is supposed to go in there, then I grind it and then put it in the machine.  I don’t know! That’s a hard one to say!! (Laughter)”
Tell me about your interview 10 years ago:
“You asked me what I had been doing.  I think Ken was with me that day.  I was working at the hotel but I didn’t  like the supervisor. She was too bossy and mean, she didn’t like the job I did even though I tried my best.  She didn’t like how I made the bed.  Athan told me I had the job and I started laughing (lots of laughter here). And I laughed some more.  I went home and I told my mom and she was so happy.  She said thank you to Ken for helping to find the job.  Even my sister Clara.
I think I started on March 1st.  It was a nice day.  I felt really happy.  I remember I used to work with Toni.  We worked together making the coffee.  My favorite was when we were in the little coffee shop. I loved working there.  I want to keep working here.  My mom wants me to retire.  NO THANK YOU!  I want to keep working.  I told my niece – I can’t retire, I love working!
When do you work?
    Monday through Friday from 8am to noon.  I take the bus to work.  I like to be independent.
What are your favorites things to do when you aren’t working?
I like to sing in the choir at church.  Sometimes I go to the gym and every Friday I go to Central City.  I have a big family and I go up there with my two brothers.  On Sunday I have a friend and I go out with her – when the broncos aren’t playing.  When they are playing I stay home and watch the broncos.  I love the broncos.

We interviewed a Elsa’s coworkers to see what they thought of Elsa:
Kellen said “Elsa is always here.  Whenever I need something, she’s here before I even have to ask for it.  Seeing her smile about working makes me smile about my job too.  The day is always better when Elsa is here!”
Athan said “Elsa is the very first person I hired to work at Steamers.  Her interview was the best interview I have EVER participated in.  She has the best laugh – and when I heard her laugh I knew I had to hire her – because I wanted that laughter to be in our restaurant all the time.  I am amazed daily about how hard of a worker Elsa is and how much she loves working.  She has taught me more about how important work is to people’s well-being than any other person.  She is amazing.”
Jenni said “She is the hardest worker.  She’s always happy to be at work. That is so simple but its the truth.”