Meri’s BlogFebruary 12, 2015

Uncategorized - By: Athan Miller


When did you start working at steamers?

I just to start working at steamers around 8 to 12

I just to do access a ride from the first bank all Mondays

I just use to work on Mondays and Thursdays when the schedule was changed last years ago.

Bill and Laura and Mary use to get me from steamers on Thursdays.

I just use to work at steamers for four years.


What is your favorite job at steamers?

I just use to rinse the dishes on Thursdays.

I just use to wait for the dishes to come so I can rinse for so more dishes.

I just use to do the dishes with Amy and then I just use to put dishes away too.


Who are your friends at steamers?

I just use to meet new friends at steamers

I just use to like our friends is Amy, Cassie, Karen, Quiana, Natedogg, Keith, Tiger, Jay, Elsa, Nicole, and Sharvetta too.

What other jobs do you do at Steamers?

I just use to make some sweet and sour, make some jam, and make treats

I just use to put some berries in the jams when it looks very well but not bad

I just use to cook it and stir it and put it in the jam jars

I just work with Jenni Martines on making jam for my sisters wedding.

I just use to send those jams to everybody.

I just use to do the lemons and limes for the sweet and sour

I just use to cut some vegetables and some fruit .