Prep Kitchen

About Us

Steamers Prep Kitchen opened in early 2014 with the purpose of providing employment and training in a safe environment to people of differing abilities. Jack’s was outgrowing it’s little kitchen, and we found that we had the capabilities of employing more people with developmental disabilities, but we didn’t have the space! With a lot of elbow grease and help from a fundraising campaign, we were able to build a commercial kitchen directly across the street from Jack’s and Steamers Coffeehouse — aptly named Steamers Prep Kitchen.


Before our prep kitchen, we had to prep all of our food in our little kitchen—and space was tight! Now we have room to stretch out and in turn, employ more people with developmental disabilities. We hire and train people with all types of abilities to work in our commercial kitchen. We ‘prep’ all the food and make all of the baked goods for Steamers Coffeeshop and Jack’s bar and grill, as well as produce and process all the jam for “A Different Kind of Jam by Steamers.” Everything produced by Steamers Prep Kitchen is made from scratch, using the freshest ingredients, and is made with patience, care and love.