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A Different Kind of Jam

We have our own line of gourmet Jams and Jellies. All of our jams are handmade in small batches. We believe in making them just like your Grandma did, using fresh fruit, sugar, and pectin. We craft over 8 varieties of jams and jellies as well as candied jalapenos, cherry chocolate sauce and Cherry Pie filling. Along with our usual varieties we love making different seasonal jams.

After buying a box of Colorado peaches, Athan, the owner, and Jenni, a barista/job coach, spent a whole afternoon in the kitchen blanching peaches with the new kitchen staff and the employees with developmental disabilities. Two things happened that afternoon. First, we made some absolutely delicious Jam. Second, the new kitchen staff was able to see that the employees with DD certainly were capable of working in a kitchen. As Jenni began helping the employees with DD to make more jams, the kitchen staff began to get more comfortable with the original vision of Steamers. Suddenly, all of the cooks who had worked in crazy loud kitchens their whole lives were learning how to integrate the employees with DD into the daily kitchen work and find new and innovative ways to include all levels of abilities. Today our employees with DD are an integral part of our kitchen staff including the whole production of our Jams. We now ship our Jams all over the country as well as sell them in our restaurant. Additionally we are starting to wholesale them to specialty shops, restaurants, hotels and food trucks.

Jam Flavors

Strawberry Rhubarb
Spiced Apple
Strawberry Champagne
Caballero Candy
Raspberry Jalapeno
Cherry Chocolate
Green Chili
Cherry Pie Filling